Jyoti has built up an effective infrastructure helping stakeholders across to generate more value proportion. Jyoti is focused in ensuring Quality and is in the process of getting certified  for ISO 9001:2000 by ICMQ Spa, a certification body that operates in the construction and building products and services sectors.

Environment, health & safety are imbibed and practiced with utmost dedication by Jyoti and relevant Management Systems Certifications are under process for the same.


Jyoti s fully committed to achieving Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) excellence and conducting its activities in a highly responsible manner through its Management Systems Certification programme.

Jyoti is committed to thinking and working responsibly so that the employees, the community at large, and the environment are protected.

On the road to EHS excellence, Jyoti has embraced and incorporated the principles and codes o best EHS practices into its redefined world-class EHS Management System.

We aim to evolve into a world-class, safety-driven organization by conducting our business processes and operations with commitment to the highest levels of safety, health and environment consciousness.

Since inception, numerous initiatives have been undertaken across departments to ensure that all construction processes are executed with a high level of safety consciousness.

Significant amount of time, effort and resources are been invested to maintain a safe work environment.  At Jyoti, training programs are conducted periodically on various aspects of operational safety.  This also ensures that every employee working on site wears appropriate personal protective clothing and safety equipments.

quality-systemsJyoti’s  Quality Management System has been established based on the principles of minimal bureaucracy and documentation.

These features are achieved and successfully integrated into the quality management system by utilizing the site-based management and process approach that includes:

  • Understanding current and future customer needs, meeting customer requirements and striving to exceed customer expectations
  • Leadership to establish unity of purpose and direction to create and maintain the internal environment in which the employees can become fully involved in achieving the company’s objective.
  • Management of activities and related resources as a whole process to achieve the desired results more efficiently .

ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System is used as an important tool for the continuous assurance and improvement of Jyoti’ Quality Management System.  The certification body of ICMQ Spa conducts periodical audits for the continuation of the validity of the ISO 9001:2000 certificate.

In order to maintain the smooth operation of all the functional domains and to achieve maximum productivity at Jyoti, ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ (SOPs) are designed based on business requirements, for a smooth flow of the total operations in all the functional domains.  As and when it is required due to changing needs, such SOPs are amended as per the procedures laid down from time to time and the same is implemented by the respective responsible functional heads.

Keeping in tandem with modern management practices, the forward-looking leadership at the helm of affairs in the organization had identified a host of inter-related issues with which the optimum potential of its employees could be harnessed.

By providing a conducive, enabling environment the Jyoti management has ensured that the employees have the ideal environment to contribute effortlessly to the organization.

  • Firstly, in a bid to arrest poor performance and consequent employee misconduct, the action taken is progressive in nature.  The supervisors are counselled to handle it sagaciously.
  • Secondly, The enforcement of discipline or regulatory practices are taken up and effectively discipline is maintained.


  •  Professional Freedom & Entrepreneurship
    Jyoti believes in providing professional freedom to all employees and open up avenues through which they can realize their full potential. Individuals are introduced to both responsibility and accountability quite early in their career.
  • Creativity and Innovation
    Entrepreneurial culture is the spirit of innovation and creativity which is promoted in every sphere within the organization. 
  • Employee Development
    Employees represent what a company stands for and the value an organization produces is unequivocally linked to the collective efforts of its people. Jyoti realizes that the growth of the company can be sustained only through the continuous development of the people who contribute to the success of the business. Hence the group concentrates efforts on harnessing the potential that each new employee brings to the organization. 

Jyoti believes being a Socially Responsible Corporate and has adopted environment friendly practices keeping with the flow of international climate change concerns and adequate ecological balance being created across the world.

Social initiative is an integral part of CSR. All managerial and supervisory levels endeavour to implement this code throughout our organisation by creating awareness among employees on the importance of being environment friendly and contributing to helping the community around the projects.

As an extension of CSR the company has also been pursuing welfare activities for people of towns and villages by taking the responsibility of constructing various  shelters like  construction of schools for mentally/physically challenged children, plantation of trees, medical aid centres, drinking water supply facilities, washrooms, etc required throughout the highways.